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Java Programming [Archive] - Endless Timer
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Endless Timer  
Aug 6, 2004 8:34 AM

I don't know if I am going to explain this correctly or not but I will try and hopefully some genius out there can share some knowledge on this matter. Here's the matter I am facing.

I have created a timer to run in the background wiki/./of my application which runs under Websphere server. This timer runs every 2 minutes, goes out an poll database for certain information to determine if it needs to run or not. Well that works fine and dandy...but recently I was told to get rid of it and create a whole separate process to do that same job. That process nows run indepently from my application and it works just like the timer.

The problem is occassionally I still get an email (sent only from the Timer). I have deleted the codes in my app that created that timer...I have searched my codes inside the application for any mentioning of timer and nothing was found. Yet it seems like it is still running. How else can I can receive that email again and again? I have tried to stop/restart my application under websphere and that didnt fix it either.

Does anyone know a way to check and see if a timer is running on a server? Or does any1 know a good way to kill that timer permanently? I am at dead end right now...don't know what else to try..or how to do it...Help/suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Endless Timer  
Aug 6, 2004 10:55 AM (reply 1 of 2)

The only thing that I can think of, is that you have an orphaned process on the server. Contact your Admin for that server and ask them to check. If they find one, they have them kill it.

Or possibly, someone else is using your program too. (your old one)

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Re: Endless Timer  
Aug 6, 2004 3:06 PM (reply 2 of 2)


Check how many deployed applications you have. I think it is possible to have the same application deployed twice with different versions. Try to deploy everything, reboot the server and deploy again.

This topic has 2 replies on 1 page.