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Java Programming [Archive] - Javamail problem
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Javamail problem  
Aug 3, 2004 12:07 PM

Hi i just finished up developing a way to send/recieve emails.I am using pop3 to recieve mails and smtp to send the mails.It behaves as follows when i click on INBOX to go to pop id:-

-The mails which i just recieve,in case they have big attachments say 1 mb atleast,it first take time in retrieving them and this is obvious so no problem here
-The main problem is that when i login again,it keeps on reading the same old mails which i retrieved earlier too. At this instance,if i get new mails with long attachments, that add further to retrieving time
I want a way out by which i should only read mail, once it is recieved and avoid subsequent reading efforts.Reading effort must be only for new mails.What to do?

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Re: Javamail problem  
Aug 3, 2004 12:10 PM (reply 1 of 2)

Obviously you have to store the mail client-side. Save it to a file/set of files, or a local database or something.

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Re: Javamail problem  
Aug 3, 2004 12:37 PM (reply 2 of 2)

Further to that: POP3 doesn't have the concept of "new" messages. It simply stores messages for you and requires you to manage them. If you don't delete the message from the server, it will stay on the server.

This topic has 2 replies on 1 page.