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Java Programming [Archive] - regarding certification
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Re: regarding certification  
Aug 6, 2004 3:33 PM (reply 15 of 16)

Exactly my point.

I'dd steer clear of such resumes.

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Re: regarding certification  
Aug 6, 2004 3:49 PM (reply 16 of 16)

I have never taken any certification exams, but have attended numerous training courses (not in Java). Based on my experience, take a basic course in whatever you want to do. The high-end courses tend to teach you a lot of stuff you will probably never need, and could get from a good book or a few minutes on google if you did need it. In fact, IMO, courses on design and patterns are better than "language" courses.

Having been on the Evil side of the table in interviews and CV selection, I would say certification counts squat. Experience, domain knowledge, and personality count more ( and wearing a "Liz Hurley" dress can help depending on your gender/build). Also, if you can find out anything about the company thats interviewing you and ask pertinent questions, that always impresses to - but don't be too pushy, two or three questions at most.
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