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Java Programming [Archive] - Cat Game
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Cat Game  
Jul 5, 2004 11:30 AM

howdy ho!

i am trying to write a programme and have some problems.i have made a class of cats,a class of food and a class of toys. in the main probramme i have defined a specific cat, 4 toys and 4 food types.everzthing is made in a textual mode couse i do not know how to work with graphics yet.
the cats health ,playfullness snd cuddle level are randomlz generated each time the programme is started.my problems began with the cat s feeding method. only when i feed it a cookie it s health rises by the corect amount of health points.if i feed it anz other food type i get the incorrect amount of health points. i tried rearranging some of the variables and the ranndom generator but to no avail.

what did I do wrong? I am enclosing the cats class and the main programme.I use TextIO.class for input processing.

here is the cats class>>>
public class Cats{
int health;
int play;
int cuddle;

String name;
String sex;
String color;

public Cats(String ime, String spol, String boja)




//What's your name?
public String sayName(){return name;}

//What's your sex?
public String saySex(){return sex;}

//What's your color?
public String sayColor(){return color;}


//Feed the *****
public void feedPussy(int feedit){health+=feedit;}

//Play with your *****
public void playPussy(int playit){play=play+playit;}

//Stroke your *****
public void cuddlePussy(int cuddleit){cuddle=cuddle+cuddleit;}


//How much energy?
public int sayHealth(){return health;}

//How much playfulness?
public int sayPlay(){return play;}

//How much cuddling?
public int sayCuddle(){return cuddle;}

//end class

and the main programme>>>>>

public class catGame{

static char input, input2;

public static void main(String args[]){

//Define what food you can feed the cat
Foods mouse = new Foods("mouse",25);
Foods whiskas = new Foods("Whiskas",15);
Foods milk = new Foods("milk",10);
Foods cookie = new Foods("cookie",5);

//Define what toys it can play with
Toys rubberMouse = new Toys("rubber mouse",25);
Toys twineBall = new Toys("ball of twine",15);
Toys pieceOfCrap = new Toys("piece of ****",10);
Toys booger = new Toys("booger",5);

//create kitty
Cats bucek = new Cats("Bucek","male","orange");

//Display kitty stats
System.out.println("Hi! My name is "bucek.sayName()"."+"I am "bucek.saySex()".");
System.out.println("My fur is "bucek.sayColor()".");
System.out.println(" Health Playfulness Cudleness ");
System.out.print(" "bucek.sayHealth()" "+bucek.sayPlay());
System.out.println(" "+bucek.sayCuddle());

//Create and display User Interface

System.out.println("[f] Feed your kitty");
System.out.println("[p] Play with kitty");
System.out.println("[c] Cuddle with kitty");
System.out.println("[q] Quit");

//Get Input

//Process Input
switch (input) {

case 'f':

//Display Food menu
System.out.println("[m] mouse");
System.out.println("[w] Whiskas");
System.out.println(" milk");
System.out.println("[c] cookie");

//Get Input

//Process Input
switch (input2) {

case 'm' : bucek.feedPussy(mouse.sayFoodPoints());
case 'w' : bucek.feedPussy(whiskas.sayFoodPoints());
case 'i' : bucek.feedPussy(milk.sayFoodPoints());
case 'c' : bucek.feedPussy(cookie.sayFoodPoints());
default : break;

case 'm': ;
case 'p': ;
case 'c': ;

default: System.out.println();

//end Interface Input

System.out.print("I ate and have " + bucek.sayHealth());

//end main

//end catGame


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Re: Cat Game  
Jul 5, 2004 11:46 AM (reply 1 of 2)

When you post code using the code tokens...


You have a switch statement. Each case falls through to the next one unless you use a 'break' for each case. So that means that you call feedPussy() more than once.


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Re: Cat Game  
Jul 5, 2004 3:39 PM (reply 2 of 2)

thanx! I corrected it. I even added some ascii cat graphics to be a little more interesting.

|\__/,| (`\
|_ _ |.--.) )
( T ) /

I was wondering what should the object of the game be. if the goal was to reach 100 points in all
characteristics, that would be over verz soon. any suggestions?
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