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Java Programming [Archive] - java report tool
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java report tool  
Dec 3, 2001 5:37 AM

i'm looking for a java report tool like crystal reports or oracle reports. but i think i need and applet, because i sometimes the client don't need the full generated report and this two tools generate the complete report before send it via web. but i want their behaviour when they work like client/server: format and show the report pages under demand. i mean: to begin, i want to show the first page (as faster it is possible), and then, only when the user press the next page button, the tool generate the next page. i need this behaviour because my application works with lots of data and so creates big (really, trust me) reports. and this leads to two problems: long time to generate and format the full reports and long dowload times. very bad!
i ask you if there is a web report tool that works like a client/server tool. (i know that the client/server tools use to leave the connections opened between the page views, and that this is not possible at the web.)
thanks in advance.

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Re: java report tool  
Jun 28, 2004 12:06 AM (reply 1 of 1)

This is exactly what you are asking for.
This topic has 1 reply on 1 page.